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Do you have badly shapen or off coloured eyebrows previously done by another artist or have a small body tattoo that you just cant bear anymore, but the thought of removal by laser is giving you the fear? Then I may have the answer for you!......


LI-FT is the most effective and safest saline pigment solution on the market today. It works to lighten and remove all PMU and tattoos.

LI-FT is a safe saline removal solution that is placed into the skin creating a superficial controlled scab. This is the body's natural healing process, along with osmosis (the chemical reaction that takes place) that will remove or lighten the pigment when the scab falls away naturally.

Unlike laser which will pack pigment into small molecules and is excreted through the body's waste system, LI-FT, lifts the pigment up and is then excreted back through the skin. Unlike laser it is also non colour selective so therefore can lift all colours of pigments. It also doesnt hurt like laser does which is why so many people can be put off by having a removal procedure done.

Typically removing a set of eyebrows can take anywhere between 1 to 3 sessions, depending on how saturated the pigment is, in some cases it may be more. Small body tattoos (no bigger than an I-phone in size) will typically need more sessions, but the same would apply with laser, it can be a lengthy process too with multiple sessions required. 8 weeks is required between treatment sessions. It is a long process and patience is required. Give the process a fair chance to work and hopefully you wont be disappointed.

The cost of each treatment will be £50. This applies to the first 2 sessions, after which it will then be priced accordingly, as there should be a noticeable difference after your first and second treatment. The amount of sessions needed will depend on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted originally and how much needs to be removed for the desired result. It will be worth it in the end knowing that you can get rid of those previously botched brows and a brand new set put back on or getting rid of that unsightly tattoo.

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